Chateau Vartely: ”double magnum” Taraboste- Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage: 2014

Producer: Chateau Vartely

Country: Moldova

Region: Bugeac, Valul lui Traian

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon

Alc.: 14.5% Vol.

Serving temperature: +17°C…+18°C

Colour: bordeaux red

Nose & Taste:  intense bouquet of ripe pomegranates, blackcurrants and oriental spices. In the taste: roasted coffee, smoked plums and bitter cherries. The tannins are high and the alcohol comes out well in the firm body. In the finish: candied figs, tobacco and white pepper spices.

Wine and food pairing: Rib roast, t-bone steak, sirloin steak, sirloin steak, barbecue, lamb, steak and old cheeses.


Taraboste Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 has been considered “a pure aristocratic wine”

It was aged in new oak for 18 months.

Serving Tips: Decant for 20 minutes

Volume: 3L

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