Chateau Vartely, Tribute – Saperavi

Vintage: 2017

Producer: Chateau Vartely

Country: Moldova

Region: Valul lui Traian

Grape: Saperavi

Alc.: 14.5% Vol.

Serving temperature: +15°C…+18°C

Nose & Taste: A complex, full and balanced body, but also with intoxicating aromas of blackthorn. The cedar hues of the lingering finish will recklessly charge you for any adventure of your life. You have before you an extraordinary wine, a mysterious story of passion, dedication and vines. A friendly invitation to a valuable dialogue known and understood only by the connoisseurs.

Wine and food pairing: Lamb chops, pork steak, venison steak.


An elite wine made from sun-kissed grapes from the Bugeac area, harvested by hand in October 2017. French oak barrels hosted this 22-month harvest for maturation.

This wine is represented as a trophy of dedication but also of the hard work done towards perfectionism.

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